Aylar: Haziran 2020

Agile with Scrum

Get agile with Scrum! Mike Cohn presents at the Norwegian Developers Conference Know the difference scrum and agile development, principles of the agile manifesto, scrum steps, roles and methodology.

How to implement Scrum in your team | Scrum Guide

Learning about Scrum Framework may seem easy but implementing scrum in your team can be tricky! By the end of this video, you’ll have a fair understanding of How to implement Scrum in your team. This scrum guide will help you make the scrum transition smooth and effective. We have …

Scrum in under 5 minutes

We explain how Scrum works and why it is so useful. Scrum is an approach for managing projects with more speed, flexibility and energy. Instead of relying on plans, documentation and meetings, you work with a dedicated team in short sprints towards your end result, using feedback from stakeholders along …